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Spanish styled villas overlooking the City of Taiyuan.

The Project is located southeast of Taiyuan City, the capital of Shanxi Province, and to the northwest of the Dongfeng District. The project occupies a total site area of 430,000 square metres, and a total GFA of nearly 300,000 square metres. The residential area is comprised of detached houses, semi-detached houses and townhouses. The topography of the land is raised so the development will overlook the whole of Taiyuan City. The project is surrounded by fruit orchards and the air is clear.

The project incorporates sports, leisure and living into the planning concept. The northern part of the development is parkland with a site area of 161 acres. The landscaping carefully harnesses nature with existing ravines retained. The looping residential roads are designed to give every household a scenic view. The plot has utilised the regions slopes and cliffs with varying levels throughout, introducing corridors, arch-canopies and individual building, to create a Southern Spanish development.

The project is the first local thematic residential area that innovatively combines park and residential community with overall planning. The hispanic clubhouse and it's adjacent sports park provide a wide variety of sports and leisure activities both indoor and outdoor. The Spanish-style buildings sit harmoniously with the local environment.
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