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Central Axis of the Ancient Town
Top Lakeside Villa Community

Emerald City situated at Ci Cheng ancient town will be high-end resort villas to compliment the long historical culture of the ancient town and its unique surrounding natural resources.

Emerald City is situated at Ci Cheng ancient town in the northwest of Jiang Bei District of Ningbo City, close to East Sea and Yao River. The project comprises of a residential community and cultural, commercial, office and leisure building.

Ci Cheng heritage architectural complex, United Nation Cultural Heritage Protection Honorary Award Winner, is a successful forerunner in China's urban heritage protection. The project lies in the southerly part south of Ci Cheng old city. The project is designed to compliment the historical culture of the old city in it's modern construction. Innovative urban design approaches are integrated into the renovation and development of the river.

The project encompasses Central Lake and uses the lake to create a waterscape within the design, thus creating an ideal environment where man is a part of nature.
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