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Luxury sea view residences on Haikou's golden coast.

Florea is one of the first seashore property developments in Haikou and is the original Spanish style community in the city centre.

Florea is situated on the north of Haidian Island in Haikou and west of Baishamen Ecology Park. Haidiandao is known as the pearl of Haikou. Haidiandao is located at the intersection of Nandujiang in Haikou and the Qiongzhou straits, with 3 sides surrounded by water. Numerous facilities are close including schools, banks, supermarkets, restaurants, and hospitals. Baishamen Ecology Park is a large seashore garden that totals 600,000 square metres.

The project occupies a total site area of approximately 290,000 square metres. Florea is graced with classic Spanish architecture that befits the local climate. The project is comprised of multi-storey apartments equipped with elevators, villas, and a five-star seashore clubhouse that is furnished with commercial streets, international kindergarten, swimming pool and tennis courts.

Phase 1 is mainly high-rise buildings. The garden area is made up of 15 botanical gardens, with all plants suited to the subtropical climate of Haikou. Phase 2 is planned to be low-density mega mansion; Phase 3 which links to the seashore is now in planning and will include the development of a boutique hotel.
Sales Information
Project location: 3 Haidian 4th East Road, Haidian Island, Haikou, Hainan Province, China
Sales office: 3 Haidian 4th East Road, Haidian Island, Haikou, Hainan Province, China

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