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A masterpiece of urban landscaping.

La Casa is located in Yushan North Road, 4A Yushan scenic district. Nearby is the city major highway, Beierhuan, which gives 3 minutes access to downtown. The project occupies a total planned GFA of approximately 130,000 square metres, with the total floor area exceeding 100,000 square metres. The project is comprised of two phases; phase 1 will include the clubhouse and townhouses; phase 2 will consist of duplex houses. La Casa's surrounding environment is exquisite with perfect views of the Yushan scenery. The area is a mix of history and beauty with Sanfeng Temple and one of the Yushan's named eighteen scenic spots situated right on the projects doorstep. Yushan National Forest Park spreads for 1260 hectares, its southeast enters the Changshu urban district while its southwest meets the beautiful lake.

The concept of La Casa is a hybrid of Italian classical architecture and sloped, botanical gardens. By unifying natures elements with careful masterplanning and design, most households have clear mountain views. The landscaping has been sensitively developed to emulate Tuscan styling. All residences are built above a scenic garden with its interior being a beautiful man-made lake.

The project integrates the Yushan mountains to create residences on a hilled slope. The design is both functional and comfortable with 'the light courtyard' created to let in sunlight and air. The villa placement within the project has a discreet, private air with the townhouses built to its east and west. The duplex is equipped with elevators.
Sales Information
Project location: 688 Yushan Bei Road, Changshu, Jiangsu Province, China
Sales office: 688 Yushan Bei Road, Changshu, Jiangsu Province, China

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