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Creating an international lifestyle in Kunming.

The project is located along Dianchi Road in the metropolitan area of Kunming, where the Provincial Central Administration Office is located. It combines 'central city' with the exquisite scenery of the Dianchi National Tourist District.

Metropolis occupies a total planned GFA of approximately 600,000 square metres. This project has been created by the architects PTW, designers of 'The Water Cube,' Beijing. The core concept of Metropolis is to bring international standard architecture to Kunming and to build an environmentally friendly and energy conserving development.

The project is comprised of apartment buildings and high-rise flats. The high-rise flats serve as the barrier to separate the other residences from the external environment. The apartment buildings have been thoughtfully placed to enhance the horizon line of the overall complex. Less than 20% of the project is construction, leaving 80% of the area reserved for the community. Ways for pedestrians and vehicles are separated to provide a safe and user-friendly environment. Such features have immensely increased the quality of living in the community.

The overall idea of the architectural design is to create functional and comfortable living space in downtown Kunming. The project has been classified into 4 different products, 'Dianchi Leader,' 'Diecuidazhai,' 'Shangpinhuafu,' and 'Quanningwangzi Apartments.' These types cater for a wide spectrum of people from the business elite to families. The living space measures from 50 to 180 square metres. The Diecuidazhai 133S, sq.m. type and 89 sq.m. type, has been awarded the 'Model Project Award' by Kunming Urban Planning Bureau.
Sales Information
Project location: 77 Jinniu Road, Xishan District, Kunming, Yunnan Province, China
Sales office: 77 Jinniu Road, Xishan District, Kunming, Yunnan Province, China

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