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Dear colleagues,

Greenland Hong Kong (0337.HK) officially got listed at Hong Kong's equity market on August 27, 2013, and has become Greenland Group's strategic platform to integrate domestic and overseas resources and claim presence at the global market.

Based on Greenland Group's mature brand image, abundant resources, large-scale system, advanced management level and passionate corporate culture, all the staff members have made ceaseless efforts during the past two years to innovate business mode, improve operational mechanism, upgrade industrial structure, and enhance capital effectiveness, achieving the leap-forward business growth.

After Greenland Group got officially listed at A-share market in August 2015, a layout of capital platform that covers A share and H share has been formed. As the company enjoys more vigorous growth in the light of resources platform, corporate vision, operation and management mechanism, and capital drive, two drivers including industry and capital will become more efficient. With this opportunity, Greenland Group adopts the popularization, capitalization and internationalization as the guiding principle, determined to boost the principal businesses, and pursue the strategy of "Big Infrastructure, Big Finance and Big Consumption". Greenland Group has grown into a China-based multinational with outstanding principal operation, diversified development, global presence, industry-finance combination, and leadership in multiple sectors like real estate, finance and subway, working hard to transform from "China's Greenland" to the "World's Greenland".

As Greenland Group's most important financing platform, Greenland Hong Kong will further the innovation, transformation and upgrading of capital platform and industry, continuously build a bigger and stronger company and boost the overall advantage of "Greenland System" in capital market and industry when Greenland Group's overall strategy is honored.

Based on Greenland Group's strategic layout of "Big Finance", Greenland Hong Kong established Greenland Financial Services in May 2015 to pump great efforts into the financial service market, developing the Internet-based financial platform for real estate market by usage of the "Internet +" tools. Taking advantage of the "Internet +" trend, the company has actively explored the assets securitization and achieved light transformation of the real estate industry, and bravely made attempts to develop the inclusive financial system. With the support of big data, cloud platform and mobile Internet, Greenland Financial Services will highly integrate Greenland Group's resources, open up national and global markets for both clients and partners, bring together the capitals, institutions and clients from China and abroad, enrich and innovate products, and boost the flow of financial assets so as to provide better financial services for market and clients.

As China is undergoing a period of intensive economic transformation on a large scale, the real estate sector has never ceased its profound restructuring. The market fundamentals under the New Normal are evolving even further. Guided by the strategy of seeking changes initiatively, we will work hard to seize the opportunities resulted from the industrial changes. Focused on the keywords of "market, innovation and profit", we will further push forward the strategy of "Big Finance" while spare no efforts to make the leap-forward sales growth at real estate market possible. We strive to achieve the rapid development of our traditional real estate business, real estate fund and real estate-related Internet finance business so that more values will be created for both the company and our shareholders at the capital market!
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