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A central living area to re-invent the City.

Xi Shui Dong - built on land with over a thousand years of history and destined to become the premiere residential address in downtown Wuxi.

The project is situated in downtown Wuxi, next to the historic canal. The 'Mother River,' The Liangxi, flows through the development. The land is the birth place of Chinese industrial and commercial development, and, as such, is steeped in history and culture. 'The Rong's Factory' represents the glamour of the last century. The historic aquatic recreation centre, Xishuidun, is still preserved to the Northwest. The land is a treasure in Feng Shui, surrounded by the 'Wuxi City Planning Exhibition Hall' and the 'Chinese Industrial and Commercial Museum.'

The project occupies a total floor area of approximately 700,000 square metres. The core concept of the plan is to fully utilized the canal as a feature. Industrial buildings have been renovated and sit proudly next to modern architecture. Xishuidong includes urban architectural heritage, parks, hotels, business centres, shopping streets, clubs and a high-end residential area. Once completed, it will be comparable to Japan's famous Hakata in Mizuki and Shanghai's Xintiandi.

All our partners in the Xi Shui Dong project are world renowned. SOM from the United States were commissioned for the overall planning. KOKAI have been responsible for the architectural restoration. Palmer & Turner Group are the architects designs for the new buildings. The project has nearly 30,000 square metres of retail space within the commercial and industrial buildings. A Riverfront Plaza has been created to facilitate entertainment, leisure, shopping and dining. Six high-rise buildings stand over 140 metres, and a 280 metre landmark building will be erected as as a central landmark. A network of manmade canals will lace the whole development. Wuxi's four major landscapes; The City, Tai Lake, The Canal and Hui Mountain, all can be viewed from Xi Shui Dongs high-rise buildings.
Sales Information
Project location: Xueqian Xi Road & Zhenxing Road, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China
Sales location: Xueqian Xi Road & Zhenxing Road, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China

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